A Walk Thru The Book Of Philippians


Each Walk Thru the Bible discussion guide provides:

  • Informative background information on scriptures and topics for each session
  • Stimulating questions to help identify and apply biblical truths to daily life
  • Case studies to energize group dialogue
  • Tips for using the guide
  • Preparation notes for leaders
  • Source list for more information


When a person is adopted into the family of God, it can take time to truly exchange the old culture for the new one. How are we to live in this new family? Can we count on God and other Christians to be caring and loving? Can we let down our guard enough to truly embrace a new life of grace and joy?

With this Walk Thru the Bible discussion guide, you will learn how to experience joy no matter what your circumstances in life—whether healthy or sick, employed or jobless, wealthy or struggling to get by. You will discover how we are to think and live as a family of believers. And you will be reminded of what it means to be a child of God.

This guide will help the members of your group dig deeply, engage each other, and relate biblical teachings to their lives with amazing clarity.

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