OT Live


An Epic Adventure for Students

OT Live is an adventure through the Old Testament that helps students ages 13 to 21 experience the greatest story ever told—God’s story, the Bible.

The journey begins with a room filled with people their own age. They’re not just sitting and listening to a lecture, but watching intently and becoming engaged as the room comes alive as a living map of the Middle East.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

It doesn’t take long for the students to realize that the Old Testament is bigger than a history lesson. It’s about an epic battle and the God who is after our hearts. It’s about the greatest story ever told, it’s our story—their story. And as the realization unfolds, the impact hits, then the real journey begins.

The OT Live Journey

  • Reveals Kingdom truths of who God is and His plan for His people
  • Unveils the impact of the generations that have gone before us
  • Ignites passion for God’s Word
  • Creates a commitment from 75% of participants to read the Bible daily after the event

Experience the Bible Like Never Before

OT Live is interactive, memorable, relevant, exciting, and fun! Using the exclusive Walk Thru the Bible hand signs memory system, our certified Walk Thru the Bible instructor will guide students through the Old Testament in a way they’ve never experienced!

OT Live is an exclusive Walk Thru the Bible event and is ideal for churches, Christian schools, youth events, retreats, summer camps, mission outreach, and more.

Rob Ely, Director of Discipleship Ministries, West Virginia Baptist Camp at Cowen, West Virginia—
The West Virginia Baptist Camp at Cowen hosted Walk Thru the Old Testament and our 279 students had a great time. The students commented how it was great to hear all of the Old Testament stories together. Megan, a new believer, said, “The day with the Old Testament was awesome. It gave me a new understanding of my faith.” Our week ended with eleven people accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. As the Director of Discipleship Ministries, I couldn’t be happier knowing they loved having an Old Testament foundation provided by our day with Walk Thru the Bible.

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