Walk Thru the Bible is a teaching method that uses hand signs and/or memory cards as memory triggers to aid in learning, retention and recall of key Bible events.  Knowing the framework of the Bible and the major events, helps to understand God’s grand story.  You can learn these by:

What is Walk Thru?

What are Memory Cards?

What is OT Live?


Danny:   We are using the OT memory cards here at the Italian Evangelical Bible Institute in our OT survey classes, and we need more! We are giving them to our students with the hope they will also use them with those they will teach in the future. Could you send us more? Also, if I understand correctly, you have also NT card. Can you send us some? Every year we have about half a dozen of students in our residential school, so if you could send us 20 decks of each, that would be great for a while.

Leanne:  “I love walk thru the bible. It shows simply God’s plan and is a fun and easy way to remember key points.  Thank you for the OT recordings.  My husband and I are enjoying them.   The OT memory cards are very clever and good memory joggers too.   Our pastor had been involved in Walk Thru the Bible in the past also, and it has had a amazing impact on him and his wife.  We may be interested in hosting a live event. In person it holds more interest and impact.”

Anne:  “We are a group of 6 and really enjoying the OT Live Video series. Some of the members are going to make some personal purchases, and it has inspired them to read through the OT themselves. Your knowledge of the bible and ability to bring it alive is amazing.”

Photo below:  Julius and Carol from Uganda ordered the first 8 cards in about 5 seconds flat!

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