A Walk Thru The Book Of Ephesians


Each Walk Thru the Bible discussion guide provides:

  • Informative background information on scriptures and topics for each session
  • Stimulating questions to help identify and apply biblical truths to daily life
  • Case studies to energize group dialogue
  • Tips for using the guide
  • Preparation notes for leaders
  • Source list for more information

Take your small group on an eye-opening tour through the rich book of Ephesians.

One of Asia Minor’s most influential cities, Ephesus was awash with paganism, occultism and materialism. Sound familiar?

With this Walk Thru the Bible discussion guide, the members of your group will revisit dramatic public events and supernatural power struggles endured by our Christian ancestors. They will emerge with a better grasp of foundational truths about spiritual darkness, redemption, right relationships, and godly living in today’s world.

If you’re serious about igniting life-changing discussions, this guide will help the members of your group to dig deeply, engage each other, and relate biblical teachings to their lives with amazing clarity.

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