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Learn the Old Testament in Just a Few Hours

There’s a lot to remember in the Bible. And it can be overwhelming and confusing. But through the Walk Thru the Old Testament live event, in just a few short hours, you can learn what would have taken years by just reading the Bible—and you’ll enjoy yourself in the process!

More than 2 million people in the USA and over 10 million worldwide have attended the Walk Thru the Old Testament live event, making it one of the most attended events of all time!
Get the Big Picture of the Bible!

  • Removes the intimidation of the Bible
  • Provides the big picture of the Old Testament through a fun, exciting experience
  • Ignites passion for God’s Word and revitalizes people’s walk!
  • 75% of participants commit to daily Bible reading following the event

Experience the Bible Like Never Before

It’s interactive, memorable, relevant, exciting, and fun! Using the exclusive Walk Thru the Bible hand signs memory system, our certified Walk Thru the Bible instructor will guide you through the Old Testament in a way you’ve never experienced!

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Max Lucado—
“Your team hit a home run with our Walk Thru the Bible live event.”

Dave K. Smith
Executive Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church
Crystal Lake Campus
Crystal Lake IL—

“With a growing number of unchurched families attending our campus, yet knowing Bible engagement is a key catalyst in spiritual growth, we needed to better familiarize our congregation with the Scriptures. Walk Thru The Bible provided our families with a fantastic journey through the Old Testament. The high-energy training was filled with laughter, inspiring teaching, and unforgettable lessons about our Creator. When the afternoon session ended the only question being asked was, “When are they coming back to do the New Testament?”

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