NT Live

What Is NT Live?

NT Live is an interactive live-event adventure through the New Testament that helps students experience the greatest story ever told—God’s story, the Bible.

Why would students want to sit for four to five hours with an instructor learning about the New Testament?

Well, they won’t exactly be sitting. The room comes alive as a map of the Middle East, and students physically journey through the 77 key people, places, and events of the New Testament.

Not long into the journey, students will realize that the New Testament is bigger than a history lesson. It’s about the greatest story—our story—a story of an ancient curse, an epic battle, a daring rescue, and the God who is after our hearts.

This letter is to extend our gratitude for the ministry of Walk Thru the Bible and for the New Testament Live event that we hosted. This year was the first year we had a discipleship outreach that involved other youth in the area. It is apparent how the kids are thirsting for answers on how the Bible is applicable to them. NT Live, for some of them, was their first step in walking closer with God. Some teens that came out Friday night didn’t really know what to expect; but given the quality of the teaching and the good time they had on Friday—they all came back on Saturday—except for two whose rides forgot to pick them up! Thank you for such a powerful, interactive, meaningful ministry. –Liz Berbano-Baroni, Volunteer Youth Leader, Capital Baptist Church, Annandale, Virginia

Once the NT Live event is finished, students will have a foundational chronological understanding of the events of the New Testament—of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection; of the early church and Paul’s missionary journeys; and how God calls us as His church to spread His love and message of salvation to the world.

They’ll also learn three Kingdom truths about who God is and what it means to walk with Him. And at the end of NT Live, they’ll be challenged to dive into the adventure of pressing in and knowing Him.

NT Live will lay a biblical foundation that students will build on for the rest of their lives.

FAQ’s about NT Live:

How many students do I need to host an NT Live event?
40 or more

How long does it take?
4 to 5 hours. We can fit it into four hours, we can spread it out to five. That’s partly because of the next question.

How can I use NT Live?
NT Live is adaptable to all kinds of formats—day-long events, overnight retreats, Disciple Now weekends, student camps. You’ve got a gathering of students? We can format the NT Live to fit your needs.

How do I host an NT Live event?
Request information about how to schedule a live event.

What denominational angle does NT Live take?
Like all ministries of Walk Thru the Bible, NT Live crosses a wide range of Christian denominations. We stick with the story of the Bible and how it applies to our lives, not doctrinal interpretations. Take a look at Walk Thru the Bible’s statement of faith.

Next Steps

  • NT Live 30-Day Challenge
  • Find an event near you
  • Request information about hosting NT Live
  • Become a Live Event Instructor

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