A Walk Thru The Life Of Peter


Each Walk Thru the Bible discussion guide provides:

  • Informative background information on scriptures and topics for each session
  • Stimulating questions to help identify and apply biblical truths to daily life
  • Case studies to energize group dialogue
  • Tips for using the guide
  • Preparation notes for leaders
  • Source list for more information

Take your small group on an eye-opening journey in the steps of the unpredictable Peter.

Peter walked closely with Christ as one of his disciples and witnessed his astounding miracles. And although he went through the heart-wrenching agony of betraying Christ with a few heated words of denial, he also emerged from his despair with newfound faith.

The thought-provoking questions in this Walk Thru the Bible discussion guide will help you discover ways to apply Peter’s experience to daily life. Each member of your group will better understand the common moral, ethical and social issues faced by both this iconic figure in the Bible and Christians today.

If you’re serious about igniting life-changing discussions, this guide will help the members of your group to dig deeply, engage each other and relate biblical teachings to their lives with amazing clarity.

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