A Walk Thru The Book Of Luke


Each Walk Thru the Bible discussion guide provides:

  • Informative background information on scriptures and topics for each session
  • Stimulating questions to help identify and apply biblical truths to daily life
  • Case studies to energize group dialogue
  • Tips for using the guide
  • Preparation notes for leaders
  • Source list for more information

Throughout the Scriptures are promises and prophecies about a Messiah, a Savior, who would reconcile not only God’s chosen people Israel to himself, but also all those who believe in him—people from all nations and all walks of life. With this Walk Thru the Bible discussion guide, see Jesus and his mission from the unique perspective of probably the only Gentile writer in the Bible.

You’ll read parables of Jesus found nowhere else, including such memorable stories as the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, and the rich young ruler. And you’ll discover the marvelous inclusiveness of the gospel message.

This guide will help the members of your group dig deeply, engage each other, and relate biblical teachings to their lives with amazing clarity.

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